sman Mark Toner said that the emphasis again was on getting the parties back to direct negotiations. "And they discussed the kind of development of proposals that will hopefully l.

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ng arsenal. The bill also prevents the administration from bringing terrorist suspects detained at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to the U.S. soil for trial. Lawmakers in the lower chamber a.

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hasn't yet released a report of possible victims or material damages. MEXICO, March 25 (Xinhua) -- Chilean authorities have ordered for evacuation of people from low-lying coastal.

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ant. RIO DE JANEIRO, Oct. 17 (Xinhua) -- Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff announced on Thursday a plan to encourage environmental-friendly agriculture and organic food producti.

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Libya, local media reported on Tuesday. Reports said more than four months after the attack, Clinton will take questions from American lawmakers before both a House and a Senate .

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ontact with air control almost four hours later, according to a statement from aviation authorities. The remote Chilean archipelago is known for possibly having inspired the novel .

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tro, host of the peace negotiations. In almost three years of negotiations, FARC and the government have agreed on issues related to integral agrarian development, political parti.

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nd those responsible be put behind bars. Lorena Pizarro, president of a rights group representing victims' relatives, said it was important to remember this passage in Chile's his.

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ood, middle-class jobs, and make it possible for all Americans to pursue their dreams". "It means rebuilding our crumbling roads, railways and runways. And it means investing in t.

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